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Senior caregiver

Friendly. Professional. Transparent.

Focused on Your Well-being.

 Abington Caregivers is a women-led, family-operated Home  Care Agency based in Elkins Park, PA.
We put you First.

We pride ourselves on connecting your family with compassionate, dedicated, and high-quality caregivers that constantly elevate the standard of non-medical home care.

Your loved one’s Home is their Best Medicine.


A Story of Care 

Story of Care

Our story is one of empathy, commitment and a deep belief that home is a powerful source of healing. With over 20 years of home care experience, Abington Caregivers started with a purpose to bring the healing of home without compromising on integrity, devotion, or compassion. 

For us, quality elder care and home care is all about bringing healing to families and freedom to our clients, in the comfort of their homes. We understand that the warmth of home extends beyond the walls. It's in the embrace of a caregiver, the assurance of attentive care and the unwavering support that defines family. 

Home is the best Medicine - it is a nurturing and healing space. We live by this mantra and we work to tailor care plans that are unique to each individual. Our goal is to ensure every family we serve thrives under attentive and specialized care.

Caregiving is not just our specialty - it's our Calling.

How We Work

We understand the delicate balance between ensuring your loved one's well-being and maintaining their sense of independence. The worry about safety, the desire for compassionate companionship, and the need for professional expertise - It's simply not enough to provide good service.

We Earn Your Trust

We consider ourselves a part of your family and care about your loved ones as much as you do. We
listen to you carefully, ask questions and follow through with our promises to help you navigate your daily living no matter how challenging.

We Respond to Your Needs

Your needs are dynamic, and so are our services. We adapt to changes, whether they be in health
conditions or preferences, ensuring our care remains aligned with your evolving requirements.

We are Transparent

Your input matters. We provide open and clear communication about our services,processes and any necessary adjustments to ensure you and your family are well-informed and confident in the care we provide.

We Constantly Improve

We are dedicated to continuous improvement. Feedback from clients and their families is invaluable, guiding us to enhance our services and ensure an even higher standard of care.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

 Insurance & Payment Options   

Payment Type We Accept:

Workers Compensation
Veterans Assistant Program
we also accept Private Pay

Insurance Types We Accept:

PA Health & Wellness
Keystone First Community Health Choices
Long-Term Insurances
AmeriHealth Caritas

Call Faye, Our Homecare Manager, at 215-600-3434 to schedule a FREE In-Home Needs Assessment.

Abington Caregivers offer hourly, live-in, and 24-hour care options, including companionship, homemaking, and personal care. We are committed to providing personal and customized care so your family can get exactly what they need. 

We are here to help your loved ones in the comfort of their own home.

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